Lost Destiny

Session 8 a,b,c - Risky Business

Vimak waves

Returning triumphant from killing Doc Struktor and destroying the Warforged Colossus, the party returns to Jacob Risk‘s estate only to be held captive by his butlering staff! Unfortunately for her, a pixie thief known as Thomasin was trying to loot the place- but it was her attempts to steal it that lead to the party discovering that Mr. Risk was working for Khyber’s Key.

Escaping the room, and killing the staff, they venture deeper into Risk’s estate, only to find the back half of the building is a rank dungeon smelling of death.

There, they discover a magic circle (presumably used for teleportation) and made note of the sigil sequence. They also discovered a room full of stained glass windows apparently showing the Dream Party and the current party. They also encountered Nalarak face to face, before throwing him off a balcony.

Soon, they encounter a room full of necromantic sludge, and made quick work of the slimes inhabiting the area.

After that room, the party navigated a series of puzzle-locked doors, only to see Jacob and Nastarius, the Vampire, talking. It turns out Jacob is a member of the criminal organization known as the Aurum and was making a deal for their heads. The party makes short work of him and his burning tattoo, and rest up ready to assault the Vampire’s lair.



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