Stuff to Remember - Meriele


  • Everyone else gets +2 to initiative checks thanks to Meriele’s class feature
  • +Meriele’s Int Mod (4) to attacks from Action Points thanks to Meriele’s class feature
  • +1 diplomacy due to Aldus racial
  • IF near Vimak, gain +2 to opportunity damage
  • Commander’s Strike from Meriele:
    • +1 attack +4 damage
  • Party items:
    • Pouch of Frozen Passage (freeze liquid)
    • Flagon of Ale Procurement (Detect Alchohol/water)
    • Enshrouding Candle (darken/hide stuff inside radius)
    • Jar of Steam (fog up area, damages other than you)


  • When charging:
    • +1 attack and damage (feat) +1d6 damage (due to helmet) +2 speed
    • Inevitable Wave, Bull Rush, Follow me In
    • 1/day use any encounter/at will instead
    • 1/day Make an extra melee basic with +2 bonus
    • Charging has a natural +1 bonus
    • Doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks
  • Movement:
    • 1/Encounter teleport
  • +5 to saving throws against charm
  • Inspiring Word: +1d6 +4 heal
  • enemy moves close to you: 1/day use Pike Hedge
  • enemy misses you or ally: 1/enc Friendly Fire (get them to attack allies)
  • 1/day: adjacent ally saving throw
  • You miss: 1/day reroll the attack

Stuff to Remember - Meriele

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