Stuff to Remember - Bren


  • +2 to initiative checks (except Meriele) thanks to Meriele’s class feature
  • +Meriele’s Int Mod to attacks from Action Points thanks to Meriele’s class feature
  • +1 diplomacy due to Aldus racial
  • IF near Vimak, gain +2 to opportunity damage
  • Commander’s Strike from Meriele:
    • +1 attack +4 damage
  • Party items:
    • Pouch of Frozen Passage (freeze liquid)
    • Flagon of Ale Procurement (Detect Alchohol/water)
    • Enshrouding Candle (darken/hide stuff inside radius)
    • Jar of Steam (fog up area, damages other than you)


  • When attacked:
    • Staff of Defense +(3) AC 1/enc
    • Shield +4 AC or Reflex 1/enc
    • Make enemy re-roll 1/enc
    • Make fort attack against Will 1/day
    • If bloodied, teleport 6 squares and spend a healing surge 1/day
  • Against Fear abilities: +5 to saving throws
  • You do not provoke opportunity attacks with ranged/area attacks using a staff.
  • +2 damage to area attacks if you hit 2 or more creatures
  • 1d6 extra damage to area attacks if you hit only one creature
  • SPellbook:
    • Arcane Whirlwind OR Sleep
    • Fireball OR Stinking Cloud
    • Shield OR Guardian Blades
    • Levitate OR Stirring Speech
  • When making a strength check/etc, 1/enc use Int instead
  • +2 arcana and history and preception and nature because of party members + scarf
    • another +2 arcana from familiar
  • When you second wind, shift two squares
  • 1/day increase range of attack
  • All push attacks push for +1 more


Coure Attendant
Sometimes, the courtiers of the Court of the Stars honor promising arcanists by serving as their squires or handmaidens. In familiar form, these noble eladrin resemble miniature versions of themselves, but with long, gossamer wings sprouting from their shoulders.
Senses low-light vision
Speed 6, fly 8
Constant Benefits
You gain a +2 bonus to Arcana checks.
Once per round, you can retrieve or store an item as a free action instead of a minor action.
Active Benefits
Feylight Form: Once per encounter as a minor action, the coure attendant can assume the form of a twinkling ball of light. While in this form, it gains a +2 bonus to all defenses and sheds dim light within 2 squares. Enemies that start their turns within the dim light shed by a coure attendant in feylight form grant combat advantage to you. It can return to its normal form as a free action.


Make Whole – 10 minutes, 20% of item’s price
*fix an item

Silence – 10 minutes, 30gp –
*single room or burst 4 area -10 perception to hear inside

Comprehend Language – 10 minutes, 10gp

  • On language you hear, understand / 35+ speak for 24 hours
  • On language you see, read / 35+ write for 24 hours
  • On both, both apply

Unseen Servant – 10 minutes, 20gp, 25gp ceramic hand focus

  • Invisible, 100 pound lift, basic functions/tasks
  • 20 squares away max
  • cannot be attacked or attack
  • Can summon more than one for 2x previous cost

Seek Rumor – 30 minutes, 20gp

  • Get a rumor using arcana check – same as streetwise check, DC is 5 higher, can get it anywhere

Knock – 10 minutes, 35 gp plus a healing surge

  • Make arcana as theivery check +5 or higher. If you can’t reach, another 20 arcana check
  • Destroys arcane locks

Disenchant Magic Item – 1 hour, 25 gp

  • Item becomes residuum: 20% common, 50% common, 100% rare

Stuff to Remember - Bren

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