Show it Who’s Boss

Intimidate inanimate slime

Risk Assessment

Defeat Jacob Risk

Door Lord

Open the doors to Risk’s room without triggering the security system.

Yankin’ My Chain

Cause Skrag’s chain-spear gambit to backfire.

Roc Me Like A Hurricane

Stomach the blazing Roc Wings.

Down in Flames

Destroy the Colossus

I’ll (not) Be Back

Kill Doc Struktor

Nobody Out Stupids Me

Go inside the Colossus Cannon barrel

This Is Just Makeup

Convince the Dragonborn Skull that you’re actually undead

Tourney Champion

Win the Sharn Tournament

Greased Lightning

Caused an entire cart to go off road in one spellcast


Defeat a major enemy with a weak at-will.

Spear of Helping

Use a weapon non-offensively to prevent the death of a comrade out of combat.

Vault 101

Have the nerve to pole vault over a thousand foot drop

In Living Colour

Paint your figurines

You Old Bull

Meet up with your old commander

(more to come)


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