Lost Destiny

Session 8 a,b,c - Risky Business

Vimak waves

Returning triumphant from killing Doc Struktor and destroying the Warforged Colossus, the party returns to Jacob Risk‘s estate only to be held captive by his butlering staff! Unfortunately for her, a pixie thief known as Thomasin was trying to loot the place- but it was her attempts to steal it that lead to the party discovering that Mr. Risk was working for Khyber’s Key.

Escaping the room, and killing the staff, they venture deeper into Risk’s estate, only to find the back half of the building is a rank dungeon smelling of death.

There, they discover a magic circle (presumably used for teleportation) and made note of the sigil sequence. They also discovered a room full of stained glass windows apparently showing the Dream Party and the current party. They also encountered Nalarak face to face, before throwing him off a balcony.

Soon, they encounter a room full of necromantic sludge, and made quick work of the slimes inhabiting the area.

After that room, the party navigated a series of puzzle-locked doors, only to see Jacob and Nastarius, the Vampire, talking. It turns out Jacob is a member of the criminal organization known as the Aurum and was making a deal for their heads. The party makes short work of him and his burning tattoo, and rest up ready to assault the Vampire’s lair.

Session 7: Do you like pinging Colossus

“It isn’t called Dragon Breath for a reason..”

Falling through the darkness, each member of the party had another Dream. Upon awakening, the party finds themselves in a room deep inside the Colossus. Fighting off a group of Undead while fixing the machinery, they escaped into the next room. In this room they discovered, among other things, an necrotic Skimmer, a pile of treasure, and a Dragonborn Skull, who they successfully bluffed they were Undead as well – convincing him to help the party by piloting the Skimmer. They also found out some information:

Using the skimmer, they exited the Colossus, and then battled it from the outside by destroying it’s main cannon. The explosion caused them to crash (losing the Dragonborn Skull in the process). Crashing in, they disabled the core, and then used the mechanic’s Feather Tokens to float to the ground.

Session 6 - Shadow of The Colossus

“He DID marry a giant robot spider…!”

Passing through the teleporter, they arrive on the Colossus. While dispatching the main guards the team finds out that they are not the only force raiding the Colossus.

They run past the next room, discovering that Doc Struktor is under attack by the Unknown Undead Force which has hounded them previously.

They find out that the building they are in is in fact a giant warship, heading towards Sharn, and they have to do some acrobatic moves, needing to move around the outside to continue.

Listening in on another room, Nalarak, a Teifling Necromancer, and his aide, Nalarak’s Gnoll Zombie. Struktor expells them from the ship.

The party sneaks around to confront Struktor, finding out that:

  • Struktor is about some secret they share that they don’t know.
  • It has to do with being an “heir” to a “power” that their “ancestors” gave them.

After seemingly defeating Struktor, he reveals himself to actually be a Warforged in disguise, revealing whirling, razor sharp blades that cover his body, and the ability to climb on the walls.

Felling Struktor, finally, they are told that the Colossus is not merely an Airship, and they fall into darkness.

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Session 5 - Struktor's Sharn Laboratory

“That statue said you were ugly!”

With the help of Jacob Risk, the party arrives in front of, Struktor’s lab in the Cogs. After destroying the outside guardian, the Sentinel Hand, the party then infiltrated the facility and opened the large door. Struktor was talking to Mysterious Lord through a teleporter hologram, and he steps through the Teleporter to his own creation, the Colossus. After defeating the Triad Golems, the party stepped through the telepad. End of session.

Important notes:

  • Struktor has a boss.

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Session 4 - The Sharn Tournament

“If you can’t say it with a mouth full of pudding, it’s too long!”

Coming into Sharn, the party loses Struktor’s trail, but meets a dwarf named Jacob Risk, who thinks they can get a lead by winning the Sharn Tournament. It happened that his team was indisposed, so he agreed to take them on under his banner.

(Also, at this time, Vimak and Aldus show off their iron stomachs by downing a huge plate of super-spicy Roc wings)

The party also comes briefly across the mysterious Hooded Woman who they have seen before, but lost her almost immediately.

In round one, Meriele met her former army captain, Captain Gornrus, and the two reminisced as they fought.

As the tournament continued there were a few notable inter-party fights, Meriele vs Bren Burrows , and Bren vs Vimak. Vimak then went up against the mysterious reigning champion, who was none other than Skrags, the mercenary hired by Doc Struktor to take in the party. After being fired by Struktor, he tells them the location of Struktor’s Sharn Lab

Session 3 - Combat Training

“Can I pull back the chain?”

Riding the Lightning Rail, the train is besieged by mercenaries. Fighting their way on and around the train, finally on top, they encounter the leader: Skrags on his griffon Pikewing. Defeating him once again, they arrive at Sharn.

Session 2 - Transport Tycoon

“The.. uh.. horses fail their saving throws…”

The party, after escaping from Doc Struktor‘s Lab, get on the trail of Struktor. They discover they need to go to Sharn. They secure passage on a powered cart. On the cart is a mysterious Hooded Woman. The cart is then attacked by a Mysterious Undead Force who sport a mysterious symbol of a key in the mouth of a dragon. They are dispatched (thanks in part to Bren Burrows’ Grease spell) and arrive at the Rail station, only to find that the rail is out of commission.

They ferret out who stole the Conductor Stone, and in thanks are granted free rail passes, and head towards Sharn.

Session 1 - Waking Up Next To Someone You Don't Know

“I stare at the Eladrin in awe”

Four strangers:
Eladrin Cyre war veteran Meriele,
Lumbering Goliath Vimak,
Eager Halfling mage Bren Burrows ,
and cunning Half-Elven ranger Aldus Treerunner,
awaken in a mysterious Laboratory. They find that they were brought there by a Kobold mercenary leader named Skrags who was hired by an insane scientist Doc Struktor. What they want with the party, they don’t know.

Both escape on Skragsgriffon, but the party is able to leave the facility, and head to the nearby town.


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