Aldus Treerunner

A cunning half-elven ranger.


Aldus Treerunner’s Storyline

Aldus Treerunner’s family was the head of a nomadic tribe of Valenar Khorvar. Constant encounters with Dhakaani goblins as well as mistrust from the elves of Valenar forced his people to attempt to leave. Proceeding north towards the Blade Desert, they chanced upon a large tribe of wandering Halflings, teaching them to adapt, survive and thrive in desert conditions, while also teaching them the ways of Balinor. Due to the unease between the peoples of the Talenta Plains and Valenar, the two nomadic tribes soon began to grow wary of the other. Seeking a peaceful way out of a possible conflict, they had no choice but to head west through the Mournland.

The journey through the remains of Cyre was not forgiving, and by the time his people had reached Breland, only two-thirds of his tribe remained. His people, in an attempt to restore themselves, limited their travels only to the village of Hatheril and the town of Starilaskur, the two largest concentrations of people bordering Lake Brey. Keeping to the ways of Balinor taught to them by the nomadic Halfling tribes, the people of the tribe slowly began to regain their strength, learning to hunt in the Greenhaunt as well as in the plains south of Lake Brey, fishing in the lake, and becoming a respected agent of trade between the two cities. It was during this time of restoration that Aldus was born.

His tribe began to expand their trade routes through the years, as far east as Vathirond to as far west as Black Pit, and Aldus, the middle child of five, was starting to show the ferocity of the Valenar half of his heritage. Quick to action and easily able to defend himself as well as put up a fight, his parents decided that he and several others that shared the same qualities in his tribe should become defenders of the trade caravans along the northern border. He and his kin, dubbed “The Eyes of Brey” by the rest of his tribe, guarded caravans between the towns.

In the events leading up to the beginning of the campaign, Aldus and his men were asked to guard a single carriage from Vathirond all the way to Cragwar. No questions were to be asked in regards to the cargo, the sender or the recipient, and he and each of his men were given two hundred gold each, with another thousand six hundred promised to each of them upon successful delivery. The offer was too good to pass up, so they began their journey immediately.

The night before they reached Black Pit, he and his men were assaulted brutally at the western edge of the Greenhaunt by forces unknown. Aldus was close to escaping before he was knocked unconscious. In the events of the beginning of the campaign, he has absolutely no recollection of his family or his tribe. He is only vaguely familiar of the towns along the northern border of Breland, and he can easily recall the hoarse, slithery voice that came to him and offered him ‘the easiest trip his people will have to make’.

Aldus Treerunner

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