Lost Destiny

Session 7: Do you like pinging Colossus

“It isn’t called Dragon Breath for a reason..”

Falling through the darkness, each member of the party had another Dream. Upon awakening, the party finds themselves in a room deep inside the Colossus. Fighting off a group of Undead while fixing the machinery, they escaped into the next room. In this room they discovered, among other things, an necrotic Skimmer, a pile of treasure, and a Dragonborn Skull, who they successfully bluffed they were Undead as well – convincing him to help the party by piloting the Skimmer. They also found out some information:

Using the skimmer, they exited the Colossus, and then battled it from the outside by destroying it’s main cannon. The explosion caused them to crash (losing the Dragonborn Skull in the process). Crashing in, they disabled the core, and then used the mechanic’s Feather Tokens to float to the ground.



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