Lost Destiny

Session 6 - Shadow of The Colossus

“He DID marry a giant robot spider…!”

Passing through the teleporter, they arrive on the Colossus. While dispatching the main guards the team finds out that they are not the only force raiding the Colossus.

They run past the next room, discovering that Doc Struktor is under attack by the Unknown Undead Force which has hounded them previously.

They find out that the building they are in is in fact a giant warship, heading towards Sharn, and they have to do some acrobatic moves, needing to move around the outside to continue.

Listening in on another room, Nalarak, a Teifling Necromancer, and his aide, Nalarak’s Gnoll Zombie. Struktor expells them from the ship.

The party sneaks around to confront Struktor, finding out that:

  • Struktor is about some secret they share that they don’t know.
  • It has to do with being an “heir” to a “power” that their “ancestors” gave them.

After seemingly defeating Struktor, he reveals himself to actually be a Warforged in disguise, revealing whirling, razor sharp blades that cover his body, and the ability to climb on the walls.

Felling Struktor, finally, they are told that the Colossus is not merely an Airship, and they fall into darkness.

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