Lost Destiny

Session 4 - The Sharn Tournament

“If you can’t say it with a mouth full of pudding, it’s too long!”

Coming into Sharn, the party loses Struktor’s trail, but meets a dwarf named Jacob Risk, who thinks they can get a lead by winning the Sharn Tournament. It happened that his team was indisposed, so he agreed to take them on under his banner.

(Also, at this time, Vimak and Aldus show off their iron stomachs by downing a huge plate of super-spicy Roc wings)

The party also comes briefly across the mysterious Hooded Woman who they have seen before, but lost her almost immediately.

In round one, Meriele met her former army captain, Captain Gornrus, and the two reminisced as they fought.

As the tournament continued there were a few notable inter-party fights, Meriele vs Bren Burrows , and Bren vs Vimak. Vimak then went up against the mysterious reigning champion, who was none other than Skrags, the mercenary hired by Doc Struktor to take in the party. After being fired by Struktor, he tells them the location of Struktor’s Sharn Lab



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